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For Immediate Release new product M-C-Camera Clamp


Camera clamp mount to 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" Speed Rail®

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mount camera etc with a 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 threads, 4″x 6″ plate can swivel to get the shot lined up etc, Mounts to 1-1/4″ speed rail and up to 1-1/2″ this Speed Rail® Camera clamp works great when you need a fixed camera rigging for doing food or product shots directly above object etc..



For Immediate Release—New lightweight Ratchet plate—


Aluminum 3/4" 7"x 9 ½" plate with locking mechanism, for those want to build sliders or whatever else. Anodised Now also available with a Euro female socket...same price..specify

Please call for availability.

Building a slider? Willy now makes the locking ratchet plate mechanism. It’s the same mechanism that is used on our rotating offset, but mounted on a 3/4″ thick aluminum plate with a 1/4″ mounting in a hole on each corner in a 6″ x 8 1/2 mounting pattern, which you can fasten to your slider to provide 360 degree rotation with positive locking every 5 degrees. Mitchell Shank and bronze nut included.

Custom size plates available…Call

Product ID: RP1
Weight: 12 lbs

For Immediate Release — CNC Machining —

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For Immediate Release — Custom Cases now available —

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from $14.95
Willy's Widgets T-Shirt
Case for 32 wheel dolly wheels
Fits and protects your set of three Jimmy Jib triangle dolly wheels (DOLLY and Wheel units not included) Shipped direct from case manufacturer, Available in your choice of colors.
Shipped direct from Case Manufacturer. Available in your choice of color. DOLLY and WHEEL UNITS NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE QUAD means Four corner dolly
we now have Cases for the 32 wheel channel dolly, and the quad and triangle wheel units available.triangular Jimmy jib wheel case case quad jib 32 wheel case


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from $14.95
Willy's Widgets T-Shirt
Blu II 16 wheel Heavy duty Camera dolly
Blu II 16 wheel Heavy duty Camera dolly with Pelican® case and legs
Blu II 16 wheel Heavy duty Camera dolly with Pelican® case
Blu II 8 wheel Heavy duty Camera dolly
Blu II 8 wheel Heavy duty Camera dolly with Pelican® case and legs
Blu II 8 wheel Heavy duty Camera dolly with Pelican® case
Our "Mini" camera dolly is made with a Mitchell center mount and can be used on pipe tracks. Built to support heavy duty cameras.
from $45.00
wheel block for a Blu 1 or BluII
center support for help in stabilizing long pipe sections while using Mini Dolly, supports 10"center to center pipe spacing 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" pipes Has a 5/8 pin fits in a C stand (blue plate and track not included)
from $69.95
Cast aluminum ball head adapters for our "Blue Plate Special" Mini Dolly available in 75mm, 100mm, This ball head camera mount features a 150mm full round ball, and the "half ball" like the "Sachtler & Cartoni" type of heads.
(Most American made tripod heads with threaded socket in bottom of head are 3/8-16 Thread)

CHECK out our new Blue II camera dolly and all its features!