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Also replacement wheels for doorway dolly. Our "Cool Wheels" edition allows each pair of wheels to swivel, thus giving the ability for smoother travel on a tight radius 90° track. 16 wheels on 4 unit package. (Track not included)
from $450.00 22% — 24% off!
Four 4 wheel units that each wheel block swivels independently
Use for smooth dolly shots under crab type dollies. Four 8 wheel units (32 wheels) ready to mount on channels or your plywood dolly. (Order channels separately)
from $295.00
Our inexpensive (Bare Bonz) Economy Camera dolly, just add your own plastic or metal tube or pipe or use on regular 24-1/2" center to center track, put in your own tripod and Start Shooting ! Can be disassembled into 2 pieces for easy transport & storage (pipe and tripod not included)
Available in 3mm for our small pipe connector for European 40mm waste pipe, and 5/32" size for the 1-1/2" pipe connectors
32 wheels (4 units) for the Jimmy Jib® 4 corner base dolly
24 wheels for the Jimmy Jib® three-leg tripod dolly
from $14.95
Willy's Widgets T-Shirt
"Cool Wheels" 24 Wheel Set
Removable handle & aluminum socket.
this is the wrench that fits into the wheel block to tighten the 3/4 bolt
$1,000.00 28% off!
32 wheel channel camera dolly set
$425.00 23% off!
Four 4 wheel units
Build a plywood dolly of any size to carry you & your camera on track made of plastic or metal. Available in standard U.S. or Metric thread
WHEELS NOT INCLUDED! Channels ONLY are 30 inches long (76.2 cm) x 8" outside dimension (20.32 cm) Price is for two channels for standard dolly 24.5" track (60.025 cm) Used for dollies with 8" (20.32cm) to 12" diameter (30.48cm)wheels. ALSO can be used with doorway dollies. A set of aluminum reducer blocks is included for the smaller wheels. THE PICTURE IS OF COMPLETE LITE WEIGHT...WHEEL UNITS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE CHANNELS ONLY PURCHASE
from $45.00
wheel block for a Blu 1 or BluII
Set of three aluminum sockets to keep your tripod from slipping off plywood dollies. Fastening screws included.
(1 units) for the Jimmy Jib® base dolly add on
Three sizes of inside connectors for your dolly track pipes. .Made of aluminum. For 1-1/4" or for 1-1/2" pipe made of ABS or PVC plastic pipe or metal pipe or tubing. Also for popular European plastic 40mm "Waste pipe" SOLD INDIVIDUALLY... PIPE and "T" WRENCH shown are NOT INCLUDED
simplifies the removal and re-inserting of bearings in your wheels
Replacement Wheels For Camera Dolly's, 62mm Diameter (includes Bearings and spacer inside wheel) 98 Durometer (considered hard wheels) Sold per Wheel
Medium Hard (96 durometer) wheel with two bearings installed