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from $14.95
Willy's Widgets T-Shirt
Mitchell plate for Rotating Offset with fastening bolts. 7" Diameter
100mm and 150mm Ball sockets for Rotating Offset, with fastening bolts (NOT THE SAME AS OUR OTHER BALL ADAPTERS)
from $995.00
Euro socket on rotating end. Mount on opposite end is sold separately. Available in 8" and 12" lengths. NOTE: length on 8" is center to center Overall length is 15". Overall length on 12" center to center is 19" EURO means it fits PANTHER, MOY, EGRIPMENT..etc.
from $995.00
8" & 12" camera rotating offsets
Euro male stub plate for Rotating Offsets with fastening bolts. EURO means it fits PANTHER, MOY, EGRIPMENT etc.
Mitchell Bronze nut
Aluminum 3/4" 7"x 9 ½" plate with locking mechanism, for those want to build sliders or whatever else. Anodised Now also available with a Euro female socket...same price..specify