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Bolt to Bolt 4 way leveling head
Convert your Jimmy Jib arm yoke to a quickly removable Mitchell style shank. Then you can use your Jimmy Jib directly on a dolly that has a Mitchell leveling head. Includes conversion of your yoke and the plate with Mitchell shank and Nut. You can quickly change back to your regular tripod mount. There is nothing permanent in our conversion.
4 way leveling head Bottom plate has ½’-13 thread.. top plate is Mitchell female
4 way leveling head Bottom Euro female top is Euro stub EURO means it fits MOY,EGRIPMENT, PANTHER..etc.
4 way Leveling head Bottom Euro female top is Mitchell female EURO means it fits PANTHER, MOY, EGRIPMENT
Willy's Widgets builds four way leveling heads for several models of Techno Jibs. Including a four way head for the Techno Jib One.
4 way leveling head. Bottom Mitchell male shank w/bronze nut to Euro stub top (EURO means fits Egripment,Moy,Panther)
4 way leveling head Bottom Mitchell shank w/ bronze nut top is Mitchell female
1/2-20 thread leveling screw replacement with 3" of threads
new 1/2-20 star knobs