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100mm Ball adapter to Mitchell
150mm Bowl adapter to mitchell top plate
ball adapter replacement washer
Adapt your ball bottom pan head to Mitchell top plate for dollies, cranes, leveling heads, etc. Available to fit ball head 75 mm including models for Sachtler, Cartoni, Vinten a O'Connor. Ask for others. These adapters are non-leveling. Use leveling on your dolly head.
Ball head Hold Down Knob
hold down knob replacement washer
Fit the webs on the bottom of Sachtler and Cartoni heads. These adapters are non-leveling - uses the leveling on the dolly head. Bottom fits standard Mitchell mount.
from $69.95
Cast aluminum ball head adapters for our "Blue Plate Special" Mini Dolly available in 75mm, 100mm, This ball head camera mount features a 150mm full round ball, and the "half ball" like the "Sachtler & Cartoni" type of heads.
(Most American made tripod heads with threaded socket in bottom of head are 3/8-16 Thread)