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$450.00 — $500.00

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Four 4 wheel units that each wheel block swivels independently

Similar to the 16-Wheel Swivel set, Our “Cool Wheels” Camera dolly wheels edition allows each pair of wheels to swivel, thus giving the ability for smoother travel on a tight radius 90° track. (Track not Included)
Note: 90° track is 5 feet (150 cm) inside radius.
Build a small plywood dolly with these wheels
“Willy’s Cool Wheels” can also be used with our channels to mount a big dolly on short radius track.

Price includes: four of the pictured units (16 wheels). Wheel units are fully assembled and ready for mounting.

96 Durometer wheels OR 98 Durometer wheels

***Cannot Be Combined With Promo Code Fall15

Product ID: US thread medium wheel – WW16C, Metric medium – WW16CM US thread hard wheel-WW16CH Metric thread hard wheel-WW16MH
Weight: 15 lbs
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